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This Action Team is focused on improving the quality of programs that serve children and youth in New Orleans by reinforcing the continued efforts of the K-12 school system, youth development programs and early childhood sectors to define, measure and support quality improvement on an ongoing basis.


       Hamilton Simons-Jones, Facilitator








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Quality Action Team Recommendations

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March 18th, 2016 Meeting Minutes

April 8th, 2016 Meeting Minutes

June 24th, 2016 Meeting Minutes

YS Quality Action Team 7.15 Meeting Notes


During the April 8th meeting, we broke up into six groups and reviewed reading excerpts that looked at program quality improvement across four different settings: (1) early childhood, (2) K-12 schools, (3) Out-of-school time, (4) Non-youth settings [industry]. Each group was asked to discuss and report back on the following questions
a. What is included in the definition for quality in this setting?
b. Based on your reading and prior knowledge, what are they key ingredients of quality improvement efforts in your group’s setting?
c. What are the key takeaways the rest of the group should know about quality in this setting?

The resources below were used. See the notes above for the groups reflections.

Early Childhood Quality Rating and Improvement System
ECE QRIS System Components
OST Funders Guide to Quality 2016 Excerpt
Manufacturing and Quality Control













Handout from July 15th Meeting